Hello all you naughty people,

I'm a mistress, dominatrix in Cardiff

For the ones who haven't had the pleasure of meeting me yet I'm Mistress Lashes when we are friends you can call me Miss L, until then you will be respectful and address me as madam or goddess.

I have been described by many of people who have seen me as pretty and very sweet looking, do not be fooled by this as they was and they soon regretted this. 

I am in my mid thirties with blonde hair and a sexy curvaceous body my looks will lead you astray, and yes you got it right you wont be able to touch you can look but that's all.

I'm not a spank and wank Mistress I am a real dominatrix in Cardiff and I have been on this scene for many of years so don't embarrass yourself and ask me for any sexual services.

If you are new to this world then don't be scared or put off by it, you must give it a try untill then you will never know. Even tho I'm strict and can be harsh at times I do respect peoples limits, you will always been given a safe word. Even if you are very experience you will still been given a safe word like it or not.

I got an discreet apartment in Cardiff Bay and this is where you will come and serve me

Mistress Lashes

Cardiff mistress, dominatrix in cardiff

Enter into the world of Mistress Lashes, you will see a lady of many passions and with endless experience in BDSM, Domination, role play and fetish fantasies

Mistress Lashes is based in Cardiff Bay, and this is where she has a fully function domestic settings